Caroline Pick at work

After a long professional career in television as a documentary film-maker, producer and commissioning editor, Caroline Pick gained a BA degree in Fine Art from Central St. Martin’s, London (2009) and an MA in Fine Art from Brighton University (2015).

She is now a sculptor and makes installations. Her work is located in her personal and domestic life and in her immediate environment, physical and natural. The idea that nothing is permanent, solid, or stable, but rather fragile and transient is a major source of her inspiration.

She is interested in capturing moments in time that would otherwise be lost, making traces of that instant permanent and tangible. Passing moments of experience are translated into solidity: patterns in the floor, the changing body-imprints on the sheets, tidal marks on the mudflats. The final object bears a history, a trace of an event that is now past. There is emotion and a melancholy and in the work. It is a record of what has just gone, forever. 

She uses whatever medium seems most appropriate to the idea and is often drawn to the alchemy of materials that move from liquid to solid, like latex and plaster, materials that hold these transient moments in time. At the moment she makes small-scale installations from domestic objects and recycled elements of her previous work, creating a metaphoric language to talk about fragility, moving objects around each other, capturing each moment, turning the results into deliberately unsophisticated animations.